Judith Haustein releases new tease of forthcoming album with soulful single ‘Freeze’

A beautiful marriage of multiple genres, Judith Haustein’s latest single ‘Freeze’ is a continuation of her soulful sound and the first release from her forthcoming twelve track album The Flood

With dynamic combinations of Jazz harmonies, nineties Trip-Hop and deep basslines, Judith’s influences of Björk, Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell really come through in this track. 

‘Freeze’ culminates in an unexpected rap from Judith’s brother MC BNZ, offering a harsh but interesting contrast to the rest of the song. This disruption and disharmony is something Judith has desired in her work as she has spent the last four years searching for a new authenticity within her music. Judith now works with disruptive noise by using glitch and sound effects alongside dreamy choirs to offset and compliment one another.

Visualising Judith’s soulful voice, the music video features stunning projections of London artist Anne von Freyburg’s paintings, providing an aesthetic match for the song’s emotions. 

Watch the music video here:

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