“Backbone” from Rasha Jay is a transcendent and soulful tribute to the emotional processes of grief

Chilling, soulful and heartfelt feelings come from Rasha Jay’s latest single, ‘Backbone’. There’s a bluesy jazz-like notion to this single, having been likened to “Portishead meets The Black Keys” by Vents Magazine.

Rasha’s soulful voice is transcendent, laid over by a simple keyboard backing letting her vocals really shine through. It feels raw and organic with honest emotion behind it. ‘Backbone’ was written in the aftermath of the deaths of both her uncle and her aunt and is a heartfelt tribute to both those who have passed and in recognition that through grief also comes gratitude and wisdom. A poignant message many can relate to through the loss of someone they love.

“I wrote this song in February 2020, ahead of a tumultuous year that we didn’t expect here in the US or in the world. I wrote it after hearing about my last uncle passing away on January 1st. I came home and went right to my keyboard and just started talking, then singing, then crying…and what came out of that was not just sadness and grief, but gratitude. My aunt passed away 30 days after him. Again, grief with gratitude. I felt honoured to know them, to love them. That’s what Backbone is about–the visuals, the feelings, the notion of recognising you are what you are because of a connection”.

Rasha Jay

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