The Technicolors Unveil Latest Single “Howl”

The alternative indie group known as The Technicolors releases their latest single, Howl, on June 4th. Howl features two songs, one of the same name and the other titled “Dress up for You.” The band got their start in 2012 with the release of their single called “Sweet Time” and has been consistently releasing music since then.

The two tracks on The Technicolor’s latest single highlight the band’s musical and lyrical range. On “Howl,” the band utilizes a heavier, more forceful beat after a stripped introduction at the beginning of the song. Lyrically, “Howl” is about being trapped and lost without being able to do anything about it but scream. The distorted guitars and driving drums help in creating that desire to scream especially during the dissonant distorted guitar solo. That doubled with the insertion of some mellow sections really show the helplessness of the matter and only being able to scream about it. Check out the music video for “Howl” below!

On “Dress up for You,” the band takes a radically different musical and lyrical approach compared to “Howl.” Instead of having heavy distorted guitars playing chords, this other track features clean guitar tones playing riffs. This different feeling in the instruments go together perfectly with the lyrics, which are all about being in love with someone way out of your league but still giving it your all. The tone of this song is not angry or anxious but more melancholic and hopeful about impressing someone you care about. The latest release from The Technicolors truly showcases the group’s diversity in genres and topics. Check out the music video for “Dress up for You” below!

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Words by Brendon Gardner