Carter Ace’s Newest Single “The One And Lonely” Out Now

Oneil Michael Carter, more famously known as Carter Ace, recently released his latest single entitled “The One And Lonely” on July 23rd. Heavily influenced by rap and R&B, Carter Ace has been building a name for himself through his stream of singles and EPs since 2015. “The One And Lonely” is Carter Ace’s first single since November of 2020 with “Frozen” but the wait for Carter Ace’s latest single was definitely worth it.

On “The One And Lonely,” Carter Ace incorporates a wide variety of musical tones and harmonies to create a vibrant sound on this latest single. His lead vocals are heavily distorted while the backup vocals and harmonies have a nice clean tone that presents a nice duality of the gritty and the smooth. As one would guess, “The One And Lonely” is largely about loneliness, specifically the loneliness of not having a partner.

The latest single from Carter Ace was released alongside a music video (found below). The music video features Carter Ace singing and dancing with obnoxiously long sleeves in a variety of settings until he is swarmed by paparazzi. Even though Carter Ace is surrounded, he still feels lonely and needs an escape from it. Check out the music video below!

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Words by Brendon Gardner