The Ampersands Release Their Latest Single, “The Pigeon”

The creative duo of The Ampersands recently released their latest single, “The Pigeon,” on the 21st of July. Aaron McQuade and Jim Pace make up the easily identifiable duo known as The Ampersands and they bring a sound to music that is unlike anything else on the scene. On top of that, the musical group advances their creativity to the next level through their on-stage shenanigans that are uniquely their own while not getting too much in the way of their music.

Musically, The Ampersands are hard to define and the same goes for “The Pigeon.” At the song’s beginning, it sounds similar to Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky,” but it does not stay like that for long; it quickly evolves into something with a little more attitude sounding like something from the indie rock scene of the 2000s. After that, the song transforms into something much funkier straight from the disco scene, all while telling a story about being stuck between the future and the past.

The music video released alongside “The Pigeon” tells a unique story of the average life of a pigeon waiting for the day to move on. Just like the song, the music video also shifts gears when the music does to depict a story of “Mistaken Identity” with humans instead of pigeons once the song gets to the heavier section of the song. For the third and final part of the video and the song, the story shifts quickly but leaves an optimistic message of being able to keep up with the changes. This music video is not one to be missed!

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Words by Brendon Gardner