Emperors, Genderfluid Visionaries, Release New Single “We Are The Emperors”

  • Artist: Emperors
  • Title: We Are The Emperors
  • Released: Out Now!
  • F.FO: David Bowie, Madonna, Lady Gaga
Emperors Official - YouTube

As for the song, well listening to it over and over at this point has quickly let us know that, Emperors are going to be up to big things in the coming months and years…they’ve really struck gold on this debut single and with the co-release of the music video. – We Write About Music

Expressing the “Age of Aquarius” spirit, Emperors delivers a unique worldview on their latest single, “We Are The Emperors”. Drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra is a new fresh artist in the electro art-pop scene who is unafraid to push the existing boundaries of the binary music industry—creating catchy danceable music styled in an untraditional dada-esque fashion. Adopting a bohemian lifestyle from an early age, this up-and-coming artist has been able to capture and combine a one-of-a-kind experience and demonstrates broader philosophical thinking into musical and visual art that’s worth stopping and admiring. The king of pop Elvis Presley and Lady Gaga inspires “We Are The Emperors” with thumping percussive beats alongside funky guitars and smooth baritone vocals, creating an experimental soundscape that is quite different from the popular although stale modern music scene. 

Leading the video with a message of gender expression and even dealing with ongoing shifting political shifting landscapes, the music video alongside “We Are The Emperors” tries to address all of these and more. Featuring several genderfluid individuals, Rhys’ Pieces, Stella Meltdown, Ms Sharon Le Grand, Ardita “Ayngel” Demie, Bambi Lolita, Camile Leon, Farrah O’ Brien, Jankovsky and Stephen “Cassandra” Eyre. The music video truly captures the essence and capabilities of a much-needed revolutionary artist that isn’t afraid of expressing their true selves.

Watch the music video for “We Are The Emperors” here.


Words by Aaran F