Fighting Back Against The Machine: Faron Sage

Artist: Faron Sage
Title: Status Quo
Release: 19/11/21

Genre-hopping, musically anarchic, environmentally conscious Faron Sage releases Status Quo, the single shoving a mirror in the face of society and saying, “Look at yourselves!”

With DNA stooped in prog rock and electronic music, the single challenges notions of an inflated ego and the capitalist rat race that we all get swept up in life. Inviting listeners to break out of the mundanity of modern life and instead to critique life and your surroundings. While the sound varies from his previous more hip-hop leaning singles, Status Quo bares all elements of the artist`s tenacious spirit.

Sage`s modulated vocals further perpetuate the mysterious nature that clouds the character. Ever the provocateur, speculation runs rampant as the identify of the artist behind such politically charged discography remain unknown to this day. Unconcerned with fame, Sage prioritises unique modern production that servers the major questions at the heart of the 21st century.

Running his own blog, Faron explores his philosophy covering a range of topics such as mental health, climate change and futurism.

Audiences can look forward to raising their roses or pitchforks when Status Quo and its accompanying animated video releases worldwide Nov 11th.


Words by Aaran F