Giorgos Tabakis Presents New Album “hEre nOw theN”

When was the last time you heard a music that was genuinely unique? Giorgos Tabakis, an Athens-based musician, spends his days surrounded by 8-string guitars, prog/jazz/folk fusions, and sounds that live on the edge of current creative music. The artist offers his most passionate and imaginative body of work yet, the 10-piece album hEre nOw theN, armed with his one-of-a-kind guitar.
“Attraction,” the album’s first tune, wonderfully welcomes viewers to Giorgos’ universe.

The artist converts his guitar solo work into a full orchestra by adopting a composing approach that is midway between jazz and classical. A booming percussion and scatty runs are punctuated by ominous basslines. Through a dance across Tabakis’ 8 string, listeners are carried through mediaeval, modern jazz, and dark and mystical soundscapes.

Music | Giorgos Tabakis

“I contact with that first motivation which was just to touch and play the guitar because I loved its sound. It was my sound, produced from my body without any intervention between me and the instrument. Magic!”

Giorgos’ mother led him to a little conservatory in his birthplace of Nafpaktos, Greece, when he was just nine years old. She offered her knowledge there, stating that music can only benefit a person’s heart and spirit.
Tabakis has been inseparable from his guitar since then. The GT8 string guitar, Giorgos’ hallmark instrument, is a one-of-a-kind model. The Moov Guitars firm created this instrument and dedicated it to Giorgos by naming it after his initials. Since then, the instrument has become inextricably linked to the album’s star. The couple, who appear to be symbiotic, operate in perfect unison, which is guaranteed to astound audiences all around the world.

Released via Efkrassis Productions, you can find ‘hEre nOw theN’ and Giorgos Tabakis via the links below:


Words By: Aaran F